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Stacy Cunningham and Stacey Abrams Rewrite History

This is the tale of two Staceys. It's a story about how two women with the same name marched into history within a day of one another and created a new definition of success.

The first of two Staceys Superior watched 226 years pass before she was able to step into her position. This past Monday the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced it has appointed its first female Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Stacey Cunningham, who has broken a centuries-old barrier to lead one of the most powerful Wall Street positions.

Stacy Cunningham, newly-elected COO of the New York Stock Exchange. Photo: NYSE

Cunningham will replace current head Tom Farley, who is the second-youngest person to head the exchange. But Cunningham is making it known that she still wants to see more women in the financial industry. “While we have a lot of senior women in our organization,” says Cunningham, “we still struggle to get the equal ratio of women into finance generally."

In an interview with The Street, newly-appointed COO of the NYSE Stacey Cunningham discusses the importance of having more women in the financial industry.

Following in her Stacey-sisters’ footsteps just a day later, Atlanta,GA lawyer Stacey Abrams became on Tuesday the first African-American female nominee for governor of a major voting party. Abrams’ victory is no small feat—her victory catapults her to the position of becoming the first black woman ever elected to the office of governor in the United States.

Stacey Abrams just became the first African-American woman elected as the nominee for governor for a major voting party. She is now in the position to become the first African-American female governor in the United States. Photo: Associated Press

Abrams is well-aware of the impact her position could have on America’s future. She shared her optimism in a profile piece earlier this year. “There are folks who don’t think it’s time for a black woman to be governor of any state, let alone a state in the Deep South. But there’s no wrong time for a black woman to be in charge.”

No wrong time indeed.

Congratulations to all the Staceys who are shattering glass ceilings and stepping into history.

Sources: The Street, Business Insider, Mother Jones, Time

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