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Based on lessons expressed in our 6-time literary award-winning book Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal, She-Compass is a forum committed to inspiring, empowering, and uplifting a world-wide community of women. Our wish is to bolster the innate ability of women to love on the highest levels. Through mixed media we share news, information, and resources for successfully cresting rogue waves, overcoming treacherous terrain, and becoming masters and commanders of self-exploration.

We cover issues that uplift, educate, and encourage women to be captains of their own ships. 

We are committed to strengthening

the minds, hearts, and souls of women.

A sisterhood and sorority that believes women are most empowered when we empower each other, our multimedia platform is a place for digital content that exemplifies our collective life experience—when rivers are raging and forests are deep, we forge ahead fearlessly. We use personal narratives and teachable moments to explore some of life’s biggest lessons. We are on a shared voyage toward total self-love and robust self-esteem. 

Our greatest riches are realized when we become our primary investment. By joining our community you’ll meet women from all walks of life. Some are experienced lighthouses, ready to guide their sisters safely through darkened seas. Others are hungry for ideas that can help them serenely sail the savage seas. As women finding our She-Compass, we know that connecting with women of like mind is the gateway to discovering our best selves.


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We believe that shared experiences strengthen

the bonds of sisterhood.

Pathwaves paved by the journeys of our sisters enable all women to tenaciously travel treacherous terrain.  Below are some inspiring video stories shared by women just like you.


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Elena Christopoulos by Felicity Murphy-2
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Find Yourself. Find Sisterhood. Find Your She-Compass.

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