We are all on journeys toward complete fulfillment.


We want to discover our path, face rogue waves head on, and be bold in our swim to shore.


But the voyage toward self-discovery is fraught with uncharted waters.






When oceans are vast and forests deep, we need the inspiring words of those who’ve tenaciously traveled torrential seas and survived toxic waters.


Our community inspires, elevates, and connects women through word and action. 


Based on the lessons in the award-winning book Finding Our She-Compass: Fifteen Life Lessons for Women on a Voyage toward Restoration, Reconstruction and Renewal, our speakers share the real-life experiences and steps they took to overcome challenges and fulfill their purpose in life.


She-Compass is the place to be empowered and to empower others. Harnessing the strength of personal narrative, we share stories of overcoming hardships and pushing past obstacles to witness triumph of the human spirit.


Together we connect through the power of conversation, reveal lessons that have enabled us to connect our souls to our voices, and ultimately find the strength to become captains of our own ships.

She-Compass speakers impart the wisdom of roads traveled so others can learn and benefit from the struggles and knowledge gained.

Are you wrestling with a major life decision?

Do you feel held back from reaching your greatest potential?

Are you stuck in a life-pattern you wish you could change?

Click here to learn how you can become a captain of your soul and commander of your life's journey.

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Speaking through a lens of friendship, love, and sorority, our speakers share experiences that connect women to themselves and each other.

Our She-Compass gives us the ability to love on the highest levels, recognize and define our personal power, and use these strengths to uniquely uplift the self-worth of ourselves and other women. 

In empowering our sisterhood, we take steps toward bettering ourselves.

We are smart, talented, bold and forward-thinking.

We are...