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Cassini's Linda Spilker Sparks the "Ultimate Girl Power Moment"

While the rest of the world watched in awe as NASA's Cassini spacecraft disintegrated in Saturn's orbit after a 13-year oddessy, She-Compass watched with pride as CBS News reporter Jamie Yuccas launched an introduction to project scientist Linda Spilker, a female engineer instrumental in helping to get the Cassini project completed and into Saturn's orbit.

Spilker, who has been with the Cassini project since its early stages, had two daughters while the program was still in its infancy. It seems fitting that she is launching a new generation of women into STEM. Her two now-grown daughters were on hand to witness the historic ending of Cassini, themselves engineers with a love for math and science.

Yuccas declared the multigenerational experience the "ultimate girl power moment."

We wholeheartedly agree.

Source: CBS News

Photo Credit: NASA

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