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Albino Woman Finds A Friend In Fenty Beauty

"The thing I hated about myself, the world embraced."


Barely a few weeks old, Fenty Beauty has already created its own definition of success. The makeup line aimed at women of all colors has a 40-shade foundation collection that founder Rihanna reportedly spent 2 years researching and developing.

Fenty Beauty foundation

Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty|Instagram @fentybeauty

But as with any makeup line, the proof of its power lies in the hands of it’s users. To that end, Krystal Robinson, an albino woman who has major challenges finding foundation that matches her skin, has become an unlikely spokesperson for the brand announcing on Instagram that she’d found a fan in Fenty Beauty.

Krystal Robinson finds friend in Fenty Beauty

Photo Credit: Instagram @acondria

“You think that you have your match and then start applying it to your face...the disappointment of #TheYellowRing around your face shows you how wrong you were," she noted. Robertson further praised the efforts of Fenty Beauty after learning the brand account circulated her photo, adding "It actually means the world that [Rihanna] not only made a diversity of shades for all women of color, but she brought us together."

Fenty Beauty Foundation

Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty|Instagram @fentybeauty

Fenty Beauty also has fans in darker-skinned clients – supplier is reportedly selling it’s deeper-hued colors off its virtual shelves as quickly as it’s stocked, proof that today’s women value products that are inclusive. Beauty comes in all shades—finally, a cosmetics line that’s willing to walk the talk.

Sources: Glamour, Fenty Beauty, Instagram

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