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Cover Girl Is Redefining Beauty for the 21st Century With Two New Unlikely Spokesmodels

I don’t think people understand what it is to not want to wake up in the morning. Not wanting to live, not having any motivation whatsoever to even breathe.”


From early game-changers like Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Latifah to the first-ever male Cover Girl spokesperson James Charles, Cover Girl is continuing to redefine beauty for the 21st century. This week the company added two new beauties to its roster of strong, beautiful and empowered people

Following on the heels of last month's inductees Ayesha Curry, chef and wife of NBA Star Stephen Curry, Emmy-nominated actress Issa Rae, and Maye Musk - who at age 69 is proving that beauty is in fact timeless - the latest heirs to the Cover Girl throne are award-winning fitness powerhouse Massy Arias and professional motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda.

Massy Arias

Photo Credit: Cover Girl

Dominican-born Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias’ road to Cover Girl status started as a result of her battle with depression. “I was a depressed person all my life,” she says. Emigrating to the United States as a 13-year old, Arias has a clear understanding of what it means to be without. “It’s hard when as a kid you have to be an adult. I’ve known how it is to not have a penny in your pocket and struggle [with] being hungry. I don’t think people understand what it is to not want to wake up in the morning. Not wanting to live, not having any motivation whatsoever to even breathe.”

Yet even at her lowest point, Arias chose to forge ahead—her road to workout warrior began two years ago as a “drug” she used to help manage her life when she “hit rock bottom."

"I promised myself that I was going to stay here and show myself that I could do it," she said.

Today, she’s turned her “drug” into a thriving fitness-training empire—with well over 2 million followers on Instagram and features in Cosmopolitan, Univision, and Huffington Post, Arias is the perfect combination of beauty and fortitude.

Photo Credit: Cover Girl

Moreda too has had to overcome her share of obstacles to make it to the top of her game in a male-dominated profession. “Pro racing is a challenging profession—physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was raised to believe I could do anything I set my mind to," she says. "I always dreamed of being out there dicing with the guys I saw on TV, and I’m just crazy enough to turn it into a goal."

Clearly not one to let gender stand in the way of her dreams, Moreda is the first female to have raced a motorcycle at Indianapolis Raceway and the only female to be racing in the AMA Pro Harley class. "As a female athlete who competes in the male dominated world of racing I am happy that I’m able to encourage other people to unapologetically be themselves, pursue what they love, and share it with the world.”

She is also the first woman to race at China's Zhuhai International Circuit. “I go on track with my makeup on. My makeup sets me apart from the guys when I’m geared up on the grid and all you can see are my eyes peering out of my helmet. I'm proud and stoked to stand up and say that it is powerful to feel pretty. “

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