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Why Women Should Learn to Code

Learning to code is the gateway to leadership in the field of computer technology.

Learning to code is the gateway to leadership in the field of computer technology.

The 21st century has put an end to gender-driven jobs and interests—today’s men and women are free to explore equally choices in job opportunities, social organizations, and hobbies. And now more than ever, people from all walks of life are choosing to learn to code in the hopes it will expand their opportunities and horizons. Now is the time that women especially need to take charge of this new medium. Here’s why:

A New Frontier for Women

There’s nothing more empowering than exploring a field that has traditionally catered to men. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech jobs are expected to explode by 2020 to over half a million, but the computer industry has less people available to fill those positions.

Clearly, technology companies need to expand their reach to candidates that cross race, gender, and backgrounds to fill their employment needs. The most significant job growth for coding professionals is expected to occur in the following states:

• Louisiana -30%

• Wyoming – 30%

• Washington State- 24%

• Colorado – 21%

• Utah – 21%

• Indiana – 16%

• New Hampshire – 16%

• Georgia – 15%

• Montana – 14%

• Iowa – 14%

For women, coding is the new frontier.

For women, coding is the new frontier.

Coding is the New Language

Learning to code opens a world of opportunity in career advancement and marketable skills. The sky's the limit on what you can do and the programming languages in which you can become fluent. You can become a web developer, do scientific and numeric computing, become adept at spam detection, and excel at robotics. You can master languages such as AngularJS, Python, Java, C++, and SQL—all of them have their own unique use in the world of computer technology.

Learning to Code is Easier Than You Think

Don’t let anyone convince you that coding is too difficult to learn—just like any other new language, it takes practice, but can be mastered with patience and commitment to gaining new knowledge.

Start with a few YouTube videos, free coding sites, or sign up for professional computer technology and information programs to get a certificate or degree in a specific field of study. You can learn the basics and earn an associate degree in information technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, or a master’s degree in computer engineering, information systems security, and software engineering.

Coding is the new language. Master it and use it to your advantage.

Coding is the new language. Master it and use it to your advantage.

No matter what field of expertise you choose or what drives you to start your journey into the world of coding, you can commit to discovering a new knowledge women of the past couldn't explore. And though it’s still true that the fight for pay equity continues, the voyage for women now is coding!


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