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The Book Lover's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Summer Reading

Don't let summer pass you by without expanding your horizons through reading.


Sometimes the hardest part about summer reading is figuring out what book to pick up. You can solve the problem quickly by getting book recommendations.

The public library is the bibliophile's obsession.

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Book Recommendations Made Easy

Start with friends and family members who, especially if they are book-lovers, can be a great resource for ideas. They can share what they’ve read, books they want to pick up, or titles mentioned by others.

There are also several sites on the internet dedicated solely to all things books--these sites feature numerous lists filled with books for all interests and are sure to satisfy the most discriminating bibliophile:

Friends and family can provide great summer reading recommendations.

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Another way to find interesting books is to stop by your local library and ask the staff for recommendations--librarians have near infinite knowledge about books. Local bookstores are another great alternative – you can browse for hours while enjoying your favorite pastry and beverage. See something interesting? Read the synopsis on the back and the first few pages before deciding. Remember to take a photo of the cover with your phone to help you remember the book for later.

For a great start to your summer reading list, be sure and add these award-winning female authors from the prestigious 2018 San Francisco Book Festival winners list. The yearly festival honors the best books of the season.

Start A Reading Log​​

Summer reading isn’t complete without a reading log.

Reading logs help keep track of books you like, which authors you prefer, and what titles you want to recommend to others.

Keeping a reading log is simple: You can make it a part of your personal journal, set aside a specific planner for recording all your books, or keep a notebook and pen handy. If you're more internet-savvy, websites like Goodreads (mentioned above) also have great reading log options. The important thing is to record everything you’ve read, no matter the method.

A reading log is a great way to share book recommendations.

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Read to Lead

Don’t let summer pass you by without expanding your horizons through reading. Compile your own list of a minimum of three titles and then dive in.

It’s an extraordinary time to be a woman. Purchase your copy today of Finding Our She-Compass!

Happy Reading!

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